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A Guy Named Len

A Guy Named Len

 Once there was a guy named Len. Who? Len Lastuck. Who's that?

Len Lastuck has helped to revolutionize the framing industry by creating adhesives that make mounting artwork easier and safer.

In the early days of dry mounting, a heat fusion  process by which we bond a piece of artwork to a more rigid substrate, we used a sheet of paper that had adhesive on both sides. The adhesive would activate at a certain temperature for a period of about 2 minutes in a heat press. Next came an adhesive film that was solid and would liquify under heat. This allowed us to splice pieces together and minimize wrinkling caused by having a solid core that might crimp. Next came a foam board that was pre- coated with adhesive that eliminated the need for 2 parts. Adhesive and substrate all in one, cool. The problem was that there was a pretty high failure rate. The adhesive wouldn't bond well or hold up over a reasonable time period.

Then came Len.He developed a product called Kool Tack. This,too, is an adhesive coated foam board. The difference, however, is striking. Kool Tack bonds at a temperature approximately 40-50 degreesF lower than it's predecessors and has a dwell time(the time which an item is in the press) of only 20 seconds.

 Eureka! We can now dry mount heat sensitive items that we couldn't do before. It's faster, safer, the bond is better and wait.... it's reversible. Plus, there are a huge number of variations in the substrate selection that allow us to fine tune the mount to almost any need.

While this might not seem exciting to most of you, it is an amazing leap forward for the framers and way better for your artwork.

While there are now a number of similar products on the market today, it was Len Lastuck who paved the way for all the rest.

Thank you, Len. 

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