Choosing a Custom Frame for Your Space

Choosing a custom frame that fits perfectly with your space can be harder than it seems, a lot goes into the process; however, with helpful tips from our team at Frames Unlimited, we will guide you in finding the right frame for your space. Read more below about how to choose the right custom frame for your particular space:

Choose What to Frame

Of course, before choosing a custom frame, you must have a piece to frame. Knowing what you are framing will dictate all of the decisions that you make. Whether you are choosing to frame a photograph, painting, textile, map, or another piece of artwork will influence the frame.

Know Your Style

Before exploring the many types of framing possibilities, it is important to know your style. Understanding the style of the rest of your space is essential to choosing a custom frame that works with its surroundings. Knowing what type of look you want to create in your space with your framed piece will help custom framers assist you and fulfill your needs. Having your opinions about what you would like to see in the space helps to guide our advice; however, stay open-minded. There is a wide range of frames to choose from, but knowing your style will help to narrow it down and ease the decision process.  

Consider Your Space

When deciding on a custom frame that works with your space, considering the space itself is critical to a completed look. Considering the space may seem like a no brainer; however, it truly influences the whole feel of your room or home. Things to consider within the space include: which wall the framed piece will go on, the size of that wall, what else is on the wall, and like previously noted what feeling you want the frame to evoke within the space.

Frame for the Future

When choosing a custom frame, the aesthetics are not the only things to consider. When investing in a custom frame for your space, choosing a frame that will last is vital. Choosing a frame with preservation and conservation quality will increase the longevity of your piece. There are various measures to consider when framing for the future; however, we are here to help with those variables.

Custom framing may seem like an overwhelming decision; however, with knowledge acquired through these helpful tips, you will be one step closer to perfecting your space. If you have any questions regarding custom framing we are here to help. Contact us through our website or call us at (843) 571-7942 today to find out more about custom framing!