Types of Glass to Protect Your Artwork

At Frames Unlimited we care about the protection of your artwork; therefore, when it comes to what type of glass to use we take all the considerations into account. A wide range of types make the decision of what to use challenging; however, we are here to assist you. In the article below we explore the different types of glass or acrylic substitutes used to protect artwork.

Various Glass & Acrylic Options

Although glass and acrylic may share similar qualities such as being thin, clear, flat sheets often used for protection while framing artwork, there are many ways they differ. While deciding between the two you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of the two types. When choosing between the two options think about what you are framing first then other variables such as where it will be displayed, how large the piece is, if it’s replaceable, or fragile to help evaluate your options. 

Conservation Clear UV Filtering Glass

Glass with UV filtering material is an invaluable addition to the protection of your artwork. Acrylics also offer the addition of ultraviolet protection which protects your framed piece from sunlight. Light can be detrimental to artwork; therefore, choosing to frame your prized possession with UV filtering protection will help you avoid potential damage. 

Museum Invisible Glass

Glass with premium protection and museum-quality is a great way to display your valued artwork while obtaining its original quality. Virtually invisible acrylic that performs similar to glass also has the effect of museum quality to ensure your artwork is conserved. Benefits to museum quality glass or acrylic include little light reflection giving it an invisible effect and optimal clarity for the pieces’ true colors and textures to illuminate through. 

The type of glass used for framing artwork is critical to its preservation, that’s why at Frames Unlimited we offer museum quality protection so the integrity of your artwork is never compromised. With various types of glass and acrylic solutions, we offer the best ways to protect your artwork. Visit us online, in-store, or call us at (843) 571-7942 today!