Moulding Options for the Perfect Custom Frame

When it comes to choosing between various moulding options for your perfect custom frame, the possibilities are endless; however, Frames Unlimited is here to help steer you in the right direction. Our selection, which numbers in the thousands, covers every type of style, size and finish from the most traditional to the latest trends in contemporary taste. Keep reading to find out more about our moulding options: 

Enhancer or Fillet

Used interchangeably, these types of moulding options are thin, decorative pieces that are often placed inside a larger frame or in between mat boards. Enhancers or fillets come in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles however, they are primarily smaller in size. 

Floater Frame

This type of frame is primarily used to display gallery wrap canvases. Floater Frames allow the entire front surface of the canvas to stay visible while keeping some space in between to give the allusion of it floating. Whether you are framing a photograph or a painting or another type of art, floater frames compliment your artwork perfectly.  

Frame Moulding

Frame moldings are typically made out of wood or metal offering a different look depending on the finish of the frame. Frame moulding itself can come in a variety of styles from ornate and decorative to simple and streamlined. Frame moulding is the basic form of molding options.

Shadow Box

This moulding option, allows you to display personal mementos such as military medals, heirloom jewelry, coin collections, sporting memorabilia, and more because of the frame’s structure. The deep frame with glass or acrylic protects your valuables with elegance. 

Choosing the perfect moulding for your custom frame can be challenging; however, with our assistance at Frames Unlimited, you will be guided through the process with ease. Visit us online, in-store, or call us at (843) 571-7942 today to find out more about the best moulding options for your custom frame!