Decorating With Mirrors to Expand Space

If you’ve found yourself unhappy with the size of your living room, we’re here to remind you that there is a solution after all–and it doesn’t involve knocking down a few walls. Turns out, mirrors can be a great addition to a small space and if used creatively, can make it appear larger than it actually is! To save you the trouble, we’ve compiled a list of pro-tips that will help you brighten, widen, and stage your room into the one you desire with just a little reflection. 

Mirrors Reflect Light

Chandeliers, windows, lamps. Everyone has them. In any case, light reflects off of mirrors, creating an illuminating appearance. The rush of light bringings in a sense of openness, and if placed strategically the mirrors can make the room appear as though it has expanded!

Against the Wall

While your ceiling may not be that high, a mirror that is propped against your wall can make it feel as though it is. The bigger the better — lean a large mirror with a shiny frame against one of your walls and the height of the room will seemingly increase!

Narrow Spaces

Hallways or stairways that only fit one person at a time can be a real pain. To fool house guests (and yourself) consider placing a tall, horizontal mirror in the entryway or towards the end in order to give the impression that you’re not so cramped. 

Watch Where You Eat 

If you’ve ever noticed a restaurant that had giant mirrors placed behind, above, or beside you, then you’ve probably noticed how large it makes the space appear. A mirror displaying the entire dining area and its guests is quite transformative and combined with a custom frame, you’re looking at the perfect expanded space for your dinner parties! 

Mirrors do have an impact on the appearance of your space, but the mirrors aren’t nearly as impactful without a bold frame. Insert custom mirrors and framing from Frames Unlimited Charleston and you’re halfway to your goal of enlarging your room, hallway, or dining area! To learn more about custom cut mirrors and framing from Frames Unlimited, contact our shop at (843) 571-7942 or visit our website.