Holiday Frame Decor

As we move into the winter season we start to gather our holiday decorations. Some houses are warm and simply decorated, while others get transformed into a winter wonderland. Either way, it’s time to revamp your decor. Below we compiled a list of decor that can be made from picture frames. They’re super easy and will be sure to bring joy to all the guests that enter your home!

Framed Door Wreath 

The wreath is one of the most important decorations, it’s the first thing guests see before entering your home! This year forget about the traditional round wreath and design your own. Get creative with this DIY as you use whatever materials you want to put on/around the frame.


Perfect for countdown signs or hand-painted messages, holiday signs add a custom touch to your decor. After you purchase or craft your sign, frame it! It’s as simple as that!


Ever run out of space for the holiday cards/pictures? If so, this is the decor for you! By using a chicken wire board you can create a holiday holder. For the larger ones, hang a small wreath in the middle and your holiday pinboard is ready for the wall!

Table Pictures

This one is simple and perfect for large tables! Place your favorite holiday pictures in a festive frame and put them along the middle of your table. Add a strip of garland through the middle and you have created a personal, fun centerpiece for your guests to look at!

The best part about using frames for your holiday decor is that you can choose from any frame making your decor different from the rest. If you need some spare frames we have a large selection to pick from without having to place a custom order. Stop by our store and find your must-have holiday frame!