How To Personalize Picture Frames

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re all left scrambling to figure out the perfect gift for our loved one. Being a bit of an “in-between” holiday, Valentine’s Day is a hard one to shop for. It doesn’t exactly require an extravagant purchase, but it’s also one that calls for an acknowledgment of the appreciation you have for the special someone in your life. That’s why so many people choose to go the personalized route. Giving a personalized gift is heartfelt and unique, which is why we’ve listed some of the ways you can personalize picture frames to help show your significant other just how much you love them. To begin, all you need is your favorite photo and one of the many frames from our shop!

Get Crafty 

No matter what your artistic vision may be, we have a frame to fit it! We have frames in all shades, colors, and textures. Finding the perfect frame allows you to personalize it by adding textiles, stencils or paint to create a truly unique gift.

Frame Your Memories

Frames are not exclusively for pictures. Create a work of art by using a frame to house all of your memories– from photos to ticket stubs, cards, or drawings. A one-of-a-kind collage helps you remember all your shared memories every time you look at it.

Add Emphasis to a Gift

Whether on television or in real life, we’ve seen someone be surprised by a small gift presented in a large box. This builds the anticipation and throws off any inklings your loved one may have. A fresh take on this trope is to frame the gift itself. Is the gift a ticket to a concert or sporting event? Present those in the frame for emphasis and watch the surprise on your significant other’s face! When you go to the event, make sure to take a photo there and then save the tickets. When you’re home, you can frame the tickets and photos together and preserve the moment in time.

Write a Secret Love Note 

This one is perfect for those not so artistically inclined. All you need is any type of pen or marker (although you can get fancy by choosing one in a metallic shade). Write your note on the backside of the mounting board so that when the picture is hung up, the message stays hidden. There’s something romantic about a secret that only you and your loved one knows about.

Leave It to the Experts

At Frames Unlimited, we offer complete frame customization. We can customize to fit any picture, as well as design and execute a variety of intricate designs using our computerized mat cutter. To view our products and services, check out our website!