How to Clean Your Picture Frames

These days spent at home give us the time to jump into spring cleaning! While your frames don’t require too much maintenance, it’s a good idea to occasionally give them a thorough cleaning. Art is what attracts the most attention in your home, and it’s a good idea to keep your frames clean to make sure they’re not detracting from what’s within them. So, while you’re in deep cleaning mode for the rest of your house, use some of these tips to keep your frames in mint condition.  

Keep in Mind

To maintain the condition and longevity of your frame, make sure it’s displayed within your home and is kept away from any of the elements. The rain and humidity that comes with Charleston’s springtime can be damaging to the frame and the contents within it. This is good to keep in mind while decorating or storing.

All through the seasons, it’s also a good idea to give your frames a regular dusting. Dust build up has the potential to settle into and cracks, making it really difficult to clear out.

While cleaning your frame, make sure you always use a soft microfiber cloth to avoid creating any scratches. If you’re using any specialized cleaner, it’s a good idea to spray it on the cloth first, rather than directly onto the frame. Direct content can be too potent for some materials, and also has the potential to seep behind the glass and ruin the frame’s contents and backing.


With a microfiber cloth, use a simple glass cleaner. Make sure to spray the cloth instead of directly in the glass to reduce streaks and scratches.


If your piece has acrylic/plexiglass make sure to use a plastic cleaner. The same cleaner used in boats and cars works great. 

For any other questions look for a sticker with cleaning instructions specific to each individual project! 

If during your spring cleaning you discover some new art or photos that need a frame, come visit us! We are conveniently located at 26 South Windermere Blvd.