Choosing the Right Frame for your Diploma

We all expect graduation to be celebrated a bit differently this year, but you can still make it feel just as special. It’s time to think about the frame that will display your diploma! Hours upon hours of hard work earned you this chance to showcase your accomplishments, and we want to ensure your diploma is protected and preserved for years to come.

For many people, a college diploma will be the most expensive piece of paper to ever be framed. The average cost of annual college tuition ranges from $10,230 – $35,830, which means a four-year degree could cost upwards of $140,000! It’s important to choose the right frame to exemplify this dedication and commitment.

When choosing a frame, consider the size of your diploma. Sizes generally vary depending on the university, so keep that in mind when browsing your options. At Frames Unlimited, we create custom options to ensure your diploma is preserved. 

Our products consist of frames in all sorts of materials and colors. Based on what you decide, you can achieve an aesthetic that helps to encompass all of your college memories. If you already have a diploma framed from a previous academic achievement, like high school, we can help find a frame that matches or complements what you already have hanging in your home. From classic to rustic, modern to traditional, we can help you find the best frame to highlight your achievements. 

Diploma frames also make great graduation gifts. Come visit us to learn more about how we can help you design the perfect frame to give to your grad. To add an extra touch, read our blog “How to Personalize Picture Frames.” 

In our custom frame shop, we can also select your school colors to match your diploma. We hold ourselves to the highest level of design and craftsmanship and know that all of your hard work deserves to be displayed with pride. You earned it, now frame it and show it off!