Eco-Friendly Picture Frame Ideas

Eco-Friendly Picture Frames

With the world moving in a more sustainable direction, it’s only natural that interior decorating and picture frames follow suit. Whether it’s knowing what materials are used in the creation of the frames, the type of mat board you can use, and even where you purchase the frame, there are ways you can be sure to have eco-friendly picture frames. Do your part to frame your precious images or artwork in a way that also protects the place we all call home, Earth. 

So, what does it mean to be sustainable? This term refers to development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Luckily for those looking to update the interior design of their home, or for art lovers, there are ways to frame objects in a sustainable way that helps to do just that.

In order for a frame to be 100-percent eco-friendly, it’s important to know where the wood was sourced and what materials are included. Make sure there are no plastic or synthetic materials included in the frame, and that the finish is eco-friendly. Eco-friendly finishes are organic and water-based, with no chemicals added.


Eco-Friendly Picture Frame Ideas



Mat boards are widely used because they enhance the look of a piece, and can even make it look more professional. Luckily for those who like using mat boards as a mount, several different kinds are also safer to use for the environment. Examples of eco-friendly mat boards include artboard, mounting board, and rag mat boards. You want to make sure when purchasing this product that the label says it is made out of 100 percent paper.  

Repurposed Wood

Repurposed or reclaimed wood is another excellent picture frame choice that is eco-friendly and safe for the environment. Not to mention, accents of reclaimed wood are making a huge comeback in the interior design world. If you’re handy with a saw, good with measurements, and have a knack for woodworking, you can take wood that has been thrown away—either after a home demolition or any you can find at a salvage yard—and make your own picture frames.


This eco-friendly material is great to use for picture framing, especially if you want to use a material that looks similar in ways to wood. Bamboo is actually the fastest growing plant on the planet. Its short growth cycle makes it an enduring natural resource and infinitely renewable. This is another great choice if you are looking to frame your art or pictures more sustainably.  

Aluminum and Steel

The use of aluminum and steel is another hit in the interior design world. More and more we are seeing people use these easily recycled products as intricate home décor. Not only that, aluminum and steel can withstand a lot and are bound to last longer than other types of less sustainable metals. These could add a unique look to your home and your pictures. Once aluminum is smelted, it becomes both recyclable and 100% archival. Similar to aluminum, steel has no “memory” and thus is very easily recycled. 

There are many different ways to frame your images or artwork in a cool and interesting way sustainably. Next time you go to find a picture frame, consider any of these options. Be a part of the move towards a more eco-friendly world.