Frames that Fit with Your Design Style

Frames that Fit with Your Design Style

What’s the design style of your home? Whether it be coastal, modern farmhouse, contemporary, or mid-century, your choice of frames should fit right in. Your furnshingshings, artwork, decor, and paint color are ways to express your creativity and what you gravitate towards. Your frames should fit into your space seamlessly. Let’s take a dive into 4 types of design styles and frames that fit right in!

Coastal Design

As locals to Charleston, coastal design has us feeling right at home. Think of coastal design as having chic seaside touches. Such as, seaglass, driftwood, seagrass rugs, and calming neutral colors of whites and turquoise. Some people tend to lean towards sunset orange or pink corals. Whatever your colors, coastal design tends to be peaceful and transport you beachside. 

The Frame: We recommend frames made of driftwood, light white wood, or subtle aquas to complete your coastal retreat. 


Modern Farmhouse Design

If you’ve ever heard of Joanna and Chip Gaines, then you know farmhouse. The modern farmhouse style gives your home a rustic but modern feel. In this design you’ll see metal accents, distressed woods, vintage pieces, with creamy neutral colors and hints of rich hues. 

The Frame: We recommend frames in lighter colors or rustic woods. 


Contemporary Design

If you’re looking for clean lines, open spaces,  and no clutter, then contemporary design might be more of your style. A contemporary home tends to focus more on the bones of the home instead of objects.

The Frame: We recommend a streamlined look using some pop of color or black wood with a stain or glossy finish.


Mid-Century Modern Design

Mid-Century Modern Design became popular in the 1940’s. This design style might include wingback chairs, tapered legs on a sofa, an art deco lamp, and an overall retro vibe. Think bold colors and funky accessories. 

The Frame: For this look we recommend metal frames offered in a variety of colors or a stainless steel look to pair with your more vibrant art.


Not only are we experts in custom making the right frame for your artwork, but we can also assist in choosing the right frames to complement the style of your home. To book a private and personalized design consultation click here.