How to Order a Mat Board

How to Order a Mat Board

How many pictures do you have on your phone? 100s, 1,000s even 10,000s maybe. It is so convenient to be able to capture memories and special moments with a simple click of a button on our phones. Since capturing images is so easy and accessible we can forget to print our beautiful images and frame them for a gift or to place in our homes. Sometimes we want to frame our pictures but don’t know how to do it, Frames Unlimited Charleston has all of your answers. From how to order a mat board to how to dry mount. 

How Many Mats?

You can frame an image with up to three mat boards. So the first question to ask yourself is how many mats do you want to be included in your framed picture. We have a computerized mat cutter, which allows us to design and execute the most intricate designs.

Type of Mat 

We only sell the best mat boards. We stock archival acid-free mat boards from Bainbridge, Artique, and Cresent in all colors and textures.


Bainbridge has a couple of different types of mats ranging from white to black. These mat boards are archival-quality mat boards that are great for conservation framing. They also protect against pollutants and are fading and bleeding resistant.


Artique mats offer great protection and quality. These types of mat boards are used for framing artwork or objects permanently. They are acid-free and lignin-free and most are also alkaline pH buffered and bleed and fade resistant. 


Crescent mats have a variety to choose from. There are a lot of different colors, textures, and patterns in Crescent mat boards. These mats can be used for traditional and nonconservative pieces. The mats offer acid-free natural cream core and backing that is buffered pH neutral. 

No matter what the piece is you are framing we have the perfect mat for your frame. 

Size of the Mat

Now that we have looked at the types of mats and how many mats can be used for your frame we can discuss the size of your mats. There are 2 types of sizes for the mats, the artwork size, the size of what you are framing and the frame size, the outside dimension of the mat and the inside dimension of the frame. Measure the width and height of your artwork before you select a size. Be sure to only measure the visible part of the image, not the paper itself. The border of your mat can be thick or skinny, up to your preference. 

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Have your memories framed for a lifetime at Frames Unlimited. We look forward to helping you pick out the perfect mat for your frame to be seen in your home or given to a loved one. Visit us online, in-store, or call us at (843) 571-7942 today!